The Post Amagalmation

Post One – Journeying into “The Bell Jar”

Post Two – Unexpected or Unpleasant – Which is it Sylvia?

Post Three – “A Streetcar Named Desire” & A Tennessee Williams Obsession

Post Four – Learning “The Piano Lesson”

Post Five – “As I Lay Dying”… to read Faulkner

Post Six – Jerome David Salinger

Post Seven – The Importance (or lack thereof) Being Earnest

Post Eight – Dying a Faulkner-Related Death

Post Nine – Eight Weeks, Eleven Books, and Countless Lessons

Post Ten – The Sound and The Fury 

Post Eleven – An Introduction to Flannery 

Post Twelve – Self-Criticizing through Criticism

Post Thirteen – Who Can Refuse “A Room with a View”?

Post Fourteen – Unearthing the Truth in “The Good Soldier”

Post Fifteen – Beloved, Be Loved…Be Love.

Post Sixteen – Growing into My Self

Post Seventeen – Assata

Post Eighteen – Diving into Mrs. Dalloway 

Post Nineteen – Beginning My Poetry Obsession with “The Endless Unbegun”

Post Twenty – The First (of Many) Invisible Man Musings 

Post Twenty-One – Post-AP Test Reflection

Post Twenty-Two – Only the Tip of Iceberg

Post Twenty-Three – Love is Always the Answer…or is it?

Post Twenty-Four – Another Day, Another Poem, Another Faulkner

Post Twenty-Five – A Deep Read of “Invisible Man”

Post Twenty-Six – Sick of Ellison Yet? I’m Not

Post Twenty-Seven – An “Invisible Man” Finale

Post Twenty-Eight – A Chat With “The Prophet”

Post Twenty-Nine – One Last Hurrah: “A Rose for Emily”

Post Thirty – Where Have I Gone, Where Am I Going