Post-AP Test Reflection

Having walked out of the AP Literature and Composition merely minutes ago, the test is fresh in my mind. I gotta say it was difficult, but that’s entirely beside the point. I’ve learned so many things this year in class and the test underscored all of those things. You can’t quantify my passion. Sitting there writing those essays, I was seriously trying to think of a single good reason that I was taking the test. As I looked left and right, at least a quarter of the students in each row were napping rather than testing.  From my poetry post, you already know that a loss of an English class period is a grievous wrong. The test stole my English today and substituted it for a frigid, emotionless test.

I think the worse part of the whole test situation is that it’s the epitome of what I hate: just do it for the grade. If your college doesn’t accept the credit, you shouldn’t have to take the test. If you’re passionate about English but don’t give a damn about the credit, you shouldn’t have to take the test. Don’t get me wrong: I love English and I would never even think of changing my choice to take AP Lit because of the stupid test. That test doesn’t reflect my knowledge–even a 5 would undercut what I’ve learned. My AP is and forever will be all passion.


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